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A dedicated fleet of cargo transport vehicles pave the way for just-in-time inventory, also supports backward integration for sourcing raw materials with ease.
Subhasree’s team of logistics with a dedicated fleet of cargo transport vehicles manage the logistics with ease, ensuring quick turn-around-time, be it for distributors, retailers or direct consumers with utmost diligence.

Based on the need, there are different sizes of cargo vehicles that are dispatched to respective regions. In addition to the growing demand of expanding its network to other regions of Tamilnadu, Subhasree also aims to reach to consumers through the door delivery model using two wheelers. Plans are afoot to create a delivery mechanism to fulfill the needs of consumers on a daily basis.

Subhasree based on the preference of businesses, especially for the B2B segment, is well equipped to respond quickly to serve the requirements, to reduce client's inventory, resulting in reduced costs and wastage.

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